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We are living times of spiritual disorientation and a view of the world dominated by materialism, where consume and comfort seem to be the sense of life.
We can observe that the satisfaction of these goals don't lead to lasting happiness. A lot of people are looking for a life filled with sense and wisdom. Most of the obstacles are caused by ourselves. Our habits of behaviour, emotional blockages and the busy mind, thinking in always the same circles are keeping us so occupied, that there isn't much time for inner peace and pure happiness beyond the personal matters. There are philosophical systems, physical, energetic and meditative exercises that can help to free us from the obstacles mentioned above and to open the door to a more happy, true and peaceful life.
Wolle Aretz offers seminars and conferences about themes summerized here and exposed with more detail behind the related links.

Buddhism offers a vision of the world that helps us to develop inner distance toward ourselves. All kinds of attachments and emotional and mental habits are dissolved by logical analysis and direct perception. Right attention and inner peace are created. The buddhist teachings are simple and clear, open the mind and enlighten, what is darkened by prejudices, inaccuracy and ignorance. In different meditation techniques the mind is focused on physical, energetic, emotional and mental processes or important aspects of reality, to develop inner peace and wisdom.

Yoga helps to harmonize body, emotions, mind and spirit and complements well with buddhist meditation.

Reiki is an energetic-spiritual method to heal and harmonize on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It can help to elevate our vibrational state and to develop the perception of subtle energies.

Antroposophy is a spiritual movement founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. He describes in a scientific way the spiritual world behind the obvious material world offered by the five senses. His teachings are describing the situation and the function of the human being in a living cosmos and the way humanity is interweaved with the spiritual world. Dr. Steiner developed, for example, the pedagogic system "Waldorf", the "Antroposophic Medicine", the "Biologic-Dynamic Agriculture" and an extensive Esoteric Ideology.