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Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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Yoga means "union" and is an ancient method from India to calm the mind.
There are different systems of Traditional Yoga. Each one puts a special emphasis on one aspect of the practice. For example:
Hatha Yoga puts special emphasis on physical health and control of the vital energy,
Karma Yoga on the behaviour in any moment of life,
Jnana Yoga on clear understanding of reality,
Bhakti Yoga on devotion
Traditionally, Indian Yoguis dedicate most time of the day to the practice, fact that leads to the development of difficult and complex techniques. These techniques need to be adapted to the conditions of our actual society, without loosing their benefits, respecting individual talents and inclinations.

Seminar: Intensive course to integrate Yoga into everyday life. Duration: 2 days

The practice of Hatha Yoga helps to develop a healthy, elastic and relaxed physical body. The flow of vital energy (prana) is activated and harmonized by the stimulation of the main energy centers (chakra).
The exercises of deep relaxation produce calm and vitality.
The practice of Pranayama (breathing exercises) intensifies the energetic work, opening and purifying energetic channels (nadis). The result is a clearer mind and the dissolving of emotional conflicts. It is the perfect preparation for meditation (dhyana).
With different techniques of dhyana we learn
- to clean the mind from residual content
- to focus the mind on one object
- to develop analytic faculties to understand and solve problems
- to find deep understanding, unconditioned happiness and peace behind the always busy mind.