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Reiki is a method of natural healing,
discovered by the japonese monk Mikao Usui
at the end of the 19th century.

Usui had found a way to connect with spiritual healing forces (Rei),
that help to focus the Universal Lifeforce Energy (Ki) for healing purposes.
He knew, how to transfer this power to other people.

Through the initiation into Reiki we become a channel for these healing forces.
We can give Reiki to ourselfs, other beeings, to everything in the environment.

In Selftreatment Reiki and Meditation can complement each other
to be a worthful tool to heal us from illness, fears and blockages
caused by experiences in the past, as well as from preocupations and desires,
that we project into the future,
to enable us to live the present with freedom, love and openness.

When we treat other persons, they receive healing energy
on physical level, emotional level and mental level.
From the second degree on we can give professional Reiki treatments.

Giving Reiki to the environment cleans it from negative
and charges it with positive energy,
for example: our house, food and even relationships.
This practice can help us to live in harmony with what we use to call our surrounding.

Being initiated during the Reiki 1 Seminar,
we become a channel for the Reiki-Energy,
learn various methods for giving Treatments and Selftreatments,
become aware of the energetic structure of the human being,
learn Reiki aplications for our daily life.

Generally the Reiki Initiation induces a process of inner development,
helping us to get more concious.

Reaching second degree Reiki genarally flows stronger.
With the help of the Reiki Symbols
we learn to amplifiy and to focus the Healing Forces,
to concentrate them on the emotional and mental level
working on emotional blockades and negative mental structures.
The technique of Distance Reiki enables us to send Reiki through time and space,
for example to someone in a distant location,
a moment in the past, like a traumatic experience in the childhood,
or to an aspect of our beeing, like the Inner Child.

In the Reiki 3 Seminar we experience the initiation
into the Master Symbol and learn the aplications,
that help us to connect with the peace and the happieness
beyond our personality,
beyond the "I" and "Me".